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The alchemy of the waves at the service of the music.


Discover with us the technological choices that guide us in the search of the musical balance and of performance with a minimal compromise.


We use noble and rare materials; gold, silver, labradorite, as well as high technology components such as Teflon insulated cables, Mundorf capacitors and InterTechnik connectors. The marriage of the musical technology of tubes with the performance of the state-of-the-art digital circuits.


A presentation of the considerable means deployed to reach and validate our objectives.


Naturally, we guarantee our products on the duration and make an exemplary service of repair. We also offer the possibility to upgrade our electronics over the time to include the technological advances of the last models there.


We offer a custom setup of our systems via our retailers, partners, or our employees all around the world.

We establish a new partnership with Oracle Audio Technologies who just won the new Analog Grand Prix 2016 of Japan! They lead their domain since more than 35 years!

They define themselves as passionate artists designing unique sculptures that reproduce music. They are striving to have their products play simply all the music, the real and true music, the one that makes you vibrate and shiver! It is with this highly inspiring and motivating force in mind that they design their products.

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Merry christmas and happy new year!
In this Christmas Eve and at the dawn of the New Year, accept wholeheartedly our warmest wishes for an exceptional year of sharing and success!

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Look at private viewing photos and read the comments of the listening of June 29th, 2013.

We move our office of Canada into more appropriate commercial building situated in the magnificent city of Gaspé.

We shall have the profit of a listening room and an assembly shop of bigger dimensions.

We get closer to our partners and of the educational network. We hope to see some of our industrials partners to come and join us also in this new pole of electronic manufacturing.

These new premises are situated in full shopping mall with obvious advantages for the accessibility, the transport and the nearness of the services. Restaurants and coffees are also closer simplifying the life of our staff! And the bay of Gaspé is magnificent.

The main advantage is without against doubt the possibility of increasing, according to our needs, our surface occupied. It is thus a strategic decision.

EON ART HAUTE FIDÉLITÉ has received new investments to accelerate the industrialization of its products and expand further in international markets. The team is going to grow in the next few months. Stay tuned!

Look at photos and read the comments of the listening of June 18th, 2011.

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To still increase the quality of our Eon CL42 amplifier we selected new Duelund VSF Copper input capacitors for this one.

This modification will be brought free of charge on the existing products.

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