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« A very classy and high-quality listening that this private screening at Eon-Art on Saturday, June 18th, 2011 to Linas. Stephane Hautcoeur is an attentive and obliging passionate person, he had prepared this moment for several weeks, neglecting no detail. Since the announcement on the site, the description of the sets, the program, the welcome personalized with registration of the newcomers, the arrangement of both systems, the more than 50m2 room in noble materials (stone and beams), drinks, coffee and pastries...

Its kindness, its professionalism and the presentation of its products accompanied simply but perfectly all afternoon long of listening and sharing.

the Eon-art products reflected and showed a quality and a rigor of undeniable conception. The quantity also exists through the number of quality components and highly selected, carefully married, tubes , with science and strength of time investment during 3 years of tests, construction of prototypes and the elaboration of the current EON-art range.

I loved a lot the eclecticism of the proposed pieces. Welcome in the freedom of the time of listening and the freedom for each to propose their favorite records / pieces. Without having taked notes (or then with my ears!) I found a profound heat, a magic tone, an extremely generous and deep depiction, a natural and easy three-dimensional sound and all the musics, voices, strings, brass instruments and singings which I heard.

This amp, tubes preamp, integrated, Dac, with the Icos drive gets married marvelously to make the magnificent Venus Acoustic (Angels and Cassiopee) loudspeakers sung. I stay voluntarily in a simple description, almost newbie, listening to only my ears... And I was also able to measure my emotion and my felt of internal pleasure, the one who makes smile, who makes close eyes. Also in the sudden and not mastered epidermic effect: the hairs which raise themselves in a slow and delicious shiver of surface...

I Was able to appreciate and really to measure in this medieval house that matrices, circuits and electronics used and conceived by Eon-art can really reproduce the most accomplished and the most realistic sounds. It does not make any doubt that they are capable of making play all the loudspeakers, the most faithful, every type of range, size and shape, of the simplest to the most difficult and greediest.

I also appreciated to be able to discover then figures, data, technical aspects and all these details which are read by taking time on the web site, as well as the philosophy of his designer, clear, humanist and well dipped. I appreciated this listening and this magic musical moment. I wish you can live such an experience!


I wish that EON-ART can delight a maximum of ears, beginners, passionate persons, confirmed listeners, musicians, and especially without border.

- E. Lienart, 2011/06/25

« Hi,

With a little of delay, allows me to give some remarks onto this listening of December. As I know well the implemented systems, to have been able to listen to them "in private", on numerous occasions, I was besides able to give my impressions already.

I shall underline rather this time, a kind of maturity and of plenitude in this listening. At the price, when we know Stephane, of a relentless work.

What hit you is a freedom and an ease, a correctness of tones, an absence of tensing which is the privilege of the high end accomplished systems. With a balance, between the various parameters of listening: nature, dynamics, power, ease, tones, which is not made in the detriment one of the other one.

All this is really, a rare experience. To meditate certainly when as me, in 30 years, we rolled his bump, in the hi-fi world.

A small word also, on Venus Acoustic loudspeakers: Angel, Caldera and Cassiopee. At first to thank Nicolas, their designer, for his kindness and its availability which answers with simplicity all the questions of a passionate person. Then to say once again that Cassioppee is really a success, and that I always have a weak for Caldera. Although it is about the small model, they manage of the "tour de force" to resume the qualities of the big, without frustration, although obviously with less scale and volume. As for the Angel, under a small column two ways, they stay with the same philosophy of listening, and with the different speakers.

- J. Fekete, 2009/12/20

« First listened to system: electronics Eon Art: integrated amplifier Quark Bleue, Loudspeakers Venus Acoustic: Angels, Icos source: CD Fado Init, Cable Audio MPC: Melodie.

Already the finish of the Angels is magnificent, beautiful line. As Cassiopee the biggest strength of Venus to my opinion it is the sound stage, hp fades blindly impossible to localize them, good behaviour in power, beautiful bass, for the treble on an extract there was a small pinching out, certainly the tune since that did not make it over the 1:30 am of listening. For the price of 2990 euros the pair nothing to criticize.

The Quark Bleu amp, how to say difficult to speak about this set, the electronics are forgoten, place to the music, the true music with splendid tones; what is the strength of Eon Art, the material, all that it is necessary where it is necessary. For the price of 4186 euros it is a magnificent integrated.

The second listened to system: as the first one with fabulous Caldera Signature.

My favorite. The picture does not honour it is magnificent. Even first qualities as her sisters; the sound stage where the loudspeakers fade, with a descent in bass decent, magnificent treble, brief nothing to criticize, everything is beautiful, I do not find the words. The Quark Bleu, always so masterful, drive them carefree.

The third system of listening: Electronics Eon Art: converter Dac1, Amplifier CL42, Venus Acoustic loudspeakers: Cassiopee, Icos source: CD drive Fado, MPC Audio Cable: Presence Absolute.

We feel well the work of the DAC1, we enter another dimension, the size of the orchestra is bigger, more detail, more material, more of everything, and the bass long-awaited of which Stephane in worked and indeed it is there FINALLY!!! I would have listened to well Caldera Signature on this system. A the next time I hope.

Thanks to the kindness and to the reception of Agnes, Stephane and Nicolas.

Eon Art and Venus Acoustic have magnificent products, I wish them and foresee them a beautiful success.

Compared with products of the same price and even twice as expensively from big brand, Eon and Venus bring out there much better. People buy by effect of mode and marketing, they do not listen to any more the music, they admire just their purchases and take pleasure of it. Remove your blinkers "non de de diou"!

- C. Urpi, 2009/12/06

« Then we Here we are, I leave confiding to discover crafted Eon-art electronics. The association of the tube and the class D seem a good thing to me.

I cross blabla on the good reception of stephane, he explains to me the present electronics as well as the HP and cables. There is:

For the electronics: Eon-art Quark Bleu integrated amp

Eon-art CL42 amp Eon-art Pre 5 preamp Eon-art DAC1 dac

There are thus 2 different series. The Quark series and the EON series.

In drive it is Icos who sticks to it with the Fado drive. In loudspeaker it is Venus Acoustic Cassiope 2 In cable it is MPC audio Prestige range

1st listening, the system is the quark bleu with the DAC1 the drive Fado and Cassiope 2: After a smallheating preriod of 20 minutes the felt sound is fluid, not aggressive, in brief pleasing.

By listening to some voices and some instruments on various CD one perceive that tones are of a beauty, in any case the most beautiful that I heard and especially the most right what is not a small matter and what is in height in my search. This system is pleasant and not demonstrative, it is just and not aggressive.

2nd listening, the system is the CL42, Pre5, the DAC1, the drive Fado and Cassiope2:

And it is restarted for a heating tour with a CD of Kodo. Ok withthe pre5 and the CL42 in more there is a discreet and gently change, but that changes, the soundstage opens a little more, more precision, the music is fluid not hard, tones are always so beautiful, I believe that this set is magnificent; every element brings its stone what makes a quite very homogeneous systeme in perfect synergy with the HP and cabled decently.

What to say as defect, not demonstrative, no dry bass, not enough known company, but are going that not to delay seen the quality of internal manufacturing: Mundorf wanted to you, there is in the shovel inside these creatures.

As qualities I would say place to the music, the magnificent tones, "upgrade " always possible, for example you take the quark bleu and you want to add the CL42 and indeed it is possible the quark can serve afterward or of preamp or of amplifier.

Other important thing the improvements as the change of condos are often free: "10/09/2009 To still increase the quality of our Eon CL42 amplifier we selected new Duelund VSF Copper input capacitors for this one. This modification will be brought free of charge on the existing products."

My ex Plinius Sa- Ref and Pass X350.5 was was less well toned: More basses with the Sa-Ref that I suspect of adding it and more aggressive with Pass, because I indeed have on returned a CL42 at home on my 801D with of it preamp of the moment, Denon AVPA1HD, and in fabulous Zardoz Ultimo source from DB-system . On my system I find the same sensations of fluidity and tones, miss little grave I think and of dynamics but by a hair.

- C. Urpi, 2009/09/21

« I had the opportunity to listen to the EON CL42 amp and the EON PRE 5 preamp on my own system. Stephane Hautcoeur did not indeed hesitate to come to my place of residence when I have describe him my system, and in particular my loudspeakers endowed with a very weak sensibility (84db / w / m) and of a very low impedance curve (2.3ohms mini) with a big length line load tuned towards 30hertz. Thus electroacoustic parameters which put many of amplifier in trouble (I tested many of them and the listening results confirmed the figures). Of a big honesty he did not want to predict me a result in advance without having made the try on this type of uncommon loudspeakers.

The listening took place in several stages. 1st stage: listening of my complete system to make discover this one to Stephane Hautcoeur and have a reference on a variety of musical passages. 2nd stage: listening of only the EON CL42 amp with my own line preamp (a model with tube). 3rd stage: listening of the EON ART set: EON CL42 amp + EON PRE 5 preamp.

Here are my feelings: the only amplifier brings a total control of my loudspeakers giving an impression of freedom onto energetic or complex musical passages and this at any level of listening, we can push the volume but no tensing appears, this amp seem insaturable. It gives a beautiful bass onto a double bass or a bass for example, very differentiating, readable and well-balanced, no puffiness, no towing (easily recognizable defects with my personal amplifier) and of the depth when it is necessary.

On Jazz percussions we reach an impressive realism, the precision and the stability of the soudstage accompanied with the dynamic distances such as we feel them on real instruments give a strong impression of presence to the music. On the other hand this electronics is very precise and does not forgive the imbalance to the other links of the system. Certain links of my system have a rising balance and the EON ART amp underlined it well. Violins, Saxophones, singers seemed too much emaciated, toned much upward the spectre. Stephane Haucoeur specified me on this subject that the input capacitors of this device were not the ones which had been retained in the last update, and that the last version was equipped with capacitors which returned the device less sharp to the listening.

When we add the EON PRE 5 preamp to the amp we notice that there is a very good synergy between the 2 links, the bandwidth becomes very vast, the dynamics exceptional, the quality of the bass register still improves, with regard to my own preamp we win in extension and in holding (and nevertheless this last one is excellent in this domain). In the same way as the amplifier it is thus the device which brings a big precision and consequently the rest of the system has to take into account the sound signature of these devices to obtain in the final a good balance of tones and take advantage completely of their qualities, but this difficulty which consists in making the good associations and in polishing up the setup (cables must be carefully chosen) is it not the common lot of audiophiles equipped with systems without universal compromises potentially capable of restoring all the musical styles with an equal happiness?

- T. Thevenin, 2009/09/09

« I want first of all to thank you for your reception and kindness during our visit of August 22nd.

This visit - discovery of the Eon Art products which I was able to make with my Acoustic Art Mk1 SE cd drive allowed me to have a good base of necessary comparison to appreciate most objectively this listening.

The beginning of the listening session that I began on the set DAC 1 + Pre 5 Preamp + Power amp CL42 strongly impressed me so much the musical detail (information, tone, registers) went out naturally to the point that I reduced the volume (in spite of the quality of loudspeakers) to savor simply this music, this distilled and not aggressive sound.

It is true that, big amateur of systems with tubes, I never look for the power, only for the music in its most natural depiction, and it is what I was able to hear and to appreciate.

The second matter which strongly interested me is the philosophy of development of these devices: an approach of audiophile in the service of the music and with a search for a natural depiction without technological "tint"! It is true that the systematic choice of components of very high quality at all the levels of the conception endend to give a great listening. And apparently a research continues with the main concern of improvement; rare approach in our world in the grip of the financial perpetual return of investment to the detriment of the quality!

Then at the end of listening session a small turn towards the integrated Quark Bleu, and there always the same quality of musical playback, at a very aggressive price if we can say towards brand such as Pass Lab, Pathos, Sudgen, etc. the list would be very long, listening is enough to convince.

Bravo for this doubled winning (I had no time to listen to the system dedicated to the home cinema) without compromise on the quality and where only the music is a queen, a delight for my ears.

To read these some lines we could believe that I have big interests in the EON Art company! In no way, I am simply amazed by the quality of the listening that I lived (after so many others not always considerable) and I just have now to cross the step for a future acquisition.

To finish, I can only encourage you in this approach and research so particular nowadays at which we can only be delighted.

- P. Bolloré, 2009/08/31

« This listening day of June 13th, 2009.

As usual the reception was as high as the event, with a generous buffet as well as the presence of the designers of the listened to products.

The first listening was made on the smallest system (everything is relative), the integrated amp QUARK BLEU which develops 100W and had no difficulty driving correctly the ANGELS, columns in the slim forms of a beautiful pearly white. The set correctly cabled by MPC offered us a very precise listening with a very present grave register and a chiselled treble which let us hear a lot of micro informations.

Already the first system placed the bar very high but the second listening was other things, in spite of an acoustics of unfavourable room, the alliance of the drive FADO + EON DAC + EON PRE 5 + EON CL42 + CYBELA all cabled by the best from MPC = MUSIC! Indeed we hear no more qualities or defects of the devices but only some music with a correctness of tones, one unlimited bandwidth, a very precise spatializing of the sound stage and especially no stress of listening to strong volume.

The listening which followed with CALDERA SIGNATURE on the first system with the QUARK BLEU confirmed the ease for driving matters that it loads with a disconcerting ease as well as a very good speed of reaction.

To summarize this listening, a single word, Musicality. Indeed we are in presences of Grand Masters of the French high fidelity. EON art is doubtless for the beginnings of a big commercial success due to a very well conceived products and the use the best components of the market the whole in a excellent price / quality ratio; for proof the partners as VENUS ACOUSTIC, MPC, ICOS, who are all recognized and praised by the specialized press.

- S. Prunier, 2009/06/30

« Hello,

Further to my visit of June 13th to listen to and share an exceptionel music moment.

When quality materials meet skills so high, it can give only quality products, it was the case.

Having myself neither the technical skills nor the musical skills to be really objective in front of such results, I can only bow very low.

It was a real moment of pleasure for which I thank you, and by wishing that one day I can reach this level of range, I send you all my encouragements.

I shall not miss to spread around me the very positive perception of this moment of pleasure as well as the quality of your reception. Still thank you.

Continue without weakening.

- E. Biro, 2009/06/20

« My small contribution:

After 5 hours of road stuck between a "acoustician" and a "cable maker", with frank parties of fun which allow time passing faster, we here arrived on Avignon.

Discovery of places but especially my nice Canadian homonym, to whom I had brought some local appetizerwhich did not stay for a long time in their plate....

Saturday morning, installation of the grand ladies ( Cybela), not without numerous tries of location so that they can look the best of them the same but also of the "small" system based on the VA Angel's.

At the beginning of the afternoon, arrival of the guests, the numerous technical but especially musical exchanges.

My analysis:

On ALL the systems the music was really very present. Of the smallest, which made well me vibrate on my Diana Krall's idol song "A case of you" (Live in Paris), by way of Casioppee 2 for which the proposed electronics were really cut in their dimension up to in these Cybela which put, I think, everybody all right. I was going to forget: the chosen cabling was really the glue between the electronics and the loudspeakers and as discussed with Mario during this day: " if a system does not work, it is of the fault of cables and if that sings it is thanks to the electronics ", there I can say thank you MARIO because if one it is so well treated all day long, it is ALSO thanks to your cable-manufacturing plant.

A small negative point (but in a contructif spirit): Cybela would have even better played with electronics more "powerfull" = > Stephane, in the job to bring out us of electronics to the dimension of Cybela.

The DAC is really sublime: everything is on the place and nothing is forgotten in the sound message.

Small CR but it was best to be there... Message to the amateurs for the next year.

Stephane, still thank you for your welcome, and congratulates Agnes on his perfect organization.

- S. Roig, 2009/06/19

« First of all one thank you for this day very full, of June 13th, to all the organizers.

As for the listening, they were high flights. The presented equipment, if we can say, did not make dissonances.

Obviously, I was struck by the chaine consisted with Cybela, Eon Art dac / preamp / ampli and Icos source with cablage MPC. It got free an impression good tone, of balance, fluidity, "at least imperial" aeration (my excuses for the adjective). Loudspeakers) Cybela apparently apreciate "sturdy man" amp. They were served.

However I also had interest for the system consisted of Caldera, Eon Art integrated amp and the Icos Init cd player. Very pleasant. Besides of a more "domestic". Once again Venus loudspeakers appreciated the power of the electronics. And the dynamics felt the effects of it.

Altogether, we had to deal with products of exceptions implemented excellement. Realized by designers with structures with a "human face", and who are above all passionate persons.

- J. Fekete, 2009/06/18

« Good evening,

I wanted first of all to thank you for your hospitality and your big availability during this long day of listening.

I appreciated a lot the musical qualities of all the demonstrations which I was able to attend. I also took a real interest in the contact of the designers who, it is important to underline it, knew how to show a simplicity and a kindness rare.

It will besides be very difficult to me to translate exactly into some words my impressions (of passionated newcommer) on each of the listening, really having no marks (that it is about recordings, about the acoustics of the room, the electronics and the loudspeakers!) knowing that certain configurations made me an impression more favorable than the others (the whole being however situated at a high qualitative level in any case).

I was anxious to pass on you the present e-mail to greet this remarkable day. Very cordially.

Jean-Charles MICHEL

- J.C. Michel, 2009/06/17

« Hello,

First of all thank you for this invitation. The reception was exellent in a relaxed and cordial atmosphere.

My impressions? Maids altogether, with especially very diverse contacts with the persons present, what explains the pleasant moments.

The listening? Instructive, and pleasant. The "small" system seemed to me coherent with however some small dificulties in the depiction of the complex messages. On the other hand, a remarkable tone quality and the very fast messages on the depiction of the music, made that the musicality (capital for me) was very there.

The big system (cybela)? Not much has to say. OK it is of the very very good (I have not listen often big systems) great moments!!

Cassiopees? Same remarks that for cybela, but in much less deep and less details. But the set has wake on me the "sensitivity" (impression at the same time physical and intellectual mixing the sensibility and the sensualism of our body).

That is, in some words my humble impressions of a sensitive passionate person, who looks above all for the exellence that the music can bring us and its capacity it has to relax us by all the caresses of its sound messages. Still thank you and maybe next time.

- G. Bauza, 2009/06/14

« Here are some impressions, about the listening which I was able to make at Eon Art.

The new line of Preamp, Amp and Dac continues in the tradition from Eon Art. The designer is a music lover (and no Hi-fi equipment in the strict sense) and it feels the effects at once in the listening.

A hard discussion, about the development reveals with which accuracy, every choice even tiny is weighed and validated. Another element strikes: often, we find in very high-end devices a gap in the choice of components and the final price. Here, by looking the inside of products, we are surprised by the systematic choice of the best component in every place. There is no compromise, either on the quality, or on the quantity... And it is not an euphemism, devices are full as eggs. Dac is an exceptional example.

As for the listening, it is the homogeneity and a depiction of great class that strikes. Often I find certain qualities distributed on several different products. Certain qualities but not a whole, a coherent set. Except here, we may look for gaps, everything is there. And besides the balance, is not made as sometimes "on the bottom".

I am very attached, in the correctness of tones, and sound depiction. I was not disappointed. In this domain, the various elements, are magnificent "instruments" to retranscribe the music.

The energy passed on is frank on all the spectre. The envelope of the notes is dense and full. The tonal balance is just. The music is broadcast with a very natural fluidity. With a great precision. As for the image, it is the point, that for me has less importance. But I have to say that I was struck by the aeration and the width of the image.

But rather than "to split hairs", there are two things which for me are striking. Even by listening to at a "very very" high level, there is no auditive fatigue. Then, by keeping in memory, that a hi-fi system will never admit an orchestra to a lounge, it is one of rare times when I found, the felt and the emotion of the concert, on a Hi-fi system. Including on the feelings and not only on the outside aspect of the reproduction

- J. Fekete, 2009/05/18

« Hello,

I will to tell you here two moments spent with Mr. Stephane Hautcoeur. First of all, Thanks to the hosts for the always warm reception.That our meetings were in private listening or with the established audiophile guild, their warmheartedness never contradicted. Here are thus my impressions during the first listening of May 11th.

As for the equipment in statics, that we like their look or not, we have to admit that the seriousness of the construction is visible. When we cross inside the same impression is felt, no doubt the objective is to serve the music.

Inside the concern of the detail is also omnipresent; of the binding of the labradorite plate to the choice and in the setting-up of capacitors, the construction in mono double, everything is thought to offer the best to our ears and additionally for our eyes.

When in the listening, I shall speak only about the big system, the system quark having exactly been already widely commented and estimated; if you are in the habit colored listening, go your way, you risk not to find your youngs there.

The first word which comes to the mind is coherence!
All the bandwidth is represented, understandable, no tone register overrides the other one, the rhythm is in keeping, good spatializing (in spite of the loudspeaker cable present which was not the best listened to on the system according to Stephane) an excellent signal-to-noise ratio and thus an irreproachable dynamics. To say a flat, I speak in no way about a brake, but about a small lack of lightness or opening, A small absolutely not annoying restraint but which personally closed me the doors of the nirvana.

Concerning the Eon Pre 4, what to say, it is not listened by himself, what remains the objective, even there no considerable coloring, no limitations on the height or the bottom, we are not in a listening tube charmer, everything is right but without coolness or aggressiveness. A product which I would compare gladly in the future with my passive Tvc preamp.

As for the power amp, the eon 5032, we find the qualities recognized by the best of the digital technology, a capacity to drive excellent loudspeakers (I would like to listen to the version 300w out of curiosity but nothing misses) details, aeration, not one ounce of aggressiveness, the rhythm of the power which becomes to all the music styles? And what a based considering its power!

From my point of view the objective is reached, no marked coloring, by the musicality, by the beautiful equipment which we want to return at home to compare in situ on its favorite recordings.

Here is the complement which states collective listening of Saturday 14/06.

I wish to add to the list of the thanks the designers of JLA Acoustique, Mpc Audio and Venus Acoustic who were there to share their passion and their professionalism. The exercise of the direct comparison not being evident, it is always considerable that these actors of the market play the game. The pleasure of group listening is often generative of some frustrations from the difficulty of the location of the guests in the room and listening in to music which we do not have necessarily in the ear. It is then difficult to be made an idea on the system which we discover.

By intellectual honesty, I am going to have to pass too quickly on the listening of the JLA Edifice (with the full Eon-art system) because is was the first time i listened the settled musical programs. Having already listened to the JLA with the Stand 80 (but the configuration slightly changed with the integration of the ribbon super tweeter on this model), I was curious to hear the difference with a big bass transducer. We have to admit that the filter works perfectly, the merger is completed! The type of depiction is very similar, a very direct listening, with however of the depth, the homogeneity dominates, we are allowed carry by the music, we are not in a too physiological listening, it is very alive, brief a beautiful listening. I would have appreciated to hear some contemporary music on which I have more marks to be more precise, but the timing being squeezed, each was to be able to take advantage of all these beautiful vectors of sounds.

We were also able to listen to a system of integrable wallmount loudspeakers which appears as panels (with an interesting principle of mask in the customizable motive in the infinity) and embarking the same transducers as the usual products of the brand. The listening in home cinema mode with a Marantz hc amp/preamp (supported of Quark amp for the front voices) did not allow to reveal all the potential of this formula, the mezzanine and this Marantz limiting a little the rest of the system, but a listening in pure stereo mode on an excellent although too much listened to, Eagles Hotel California , let glimpse an attractive potential between integration and sound quality.

To return to the stereo system there, this meeting was the opportunity to hear for the first time the Eon-Art Dac. With, this time, loudspeaker cables from Mpc (of the series prestige I believe) to drive ther Cassiopee 2 and previously the JLA)

For the Eon Dac 01 converter, even if I was not able to appreciate completely all the extent of the stereo effects, the depth is very credible, no concern of tones, details are at the level of the other beautiful references, for a discovery it did not let glimpse of defects! A supplementary proof of the qualitative objectives that settles the team Eon-Art before thinking of the marketing of a product.

Globally with regard to the first listening, the legibility is always excellent, this small felt restraint the first time totally disappeared. The Venus seem to me even better in consequent volume. They do not give me any more the impression to need a disproportionate cavalry to transcend themself, the 50 watts of 5032 drived them very very well!

The spatializing is realistic, and is already exceeded for a long time, the simple consideration of tone, the set perfectly sound true; on the listening of Gian-Maria Testa, the voice of the transalpine is impressive of realism, its grain is striking!

On the piece following, Groundation album Hebron Gate song 2 (to advise to all the amateurs of well recorded reggae) the result is also revelation of a very well-balanced system, the bass which can easily get the upper hand over the rest. The dynamics is there, the capacity of well mastered acceleration, there is some mater and speed, a coherence of very very good quality, we listen to more the music than the system (interesting not?). It is very clean, some people would say maybe too much clean, but for my part the certainty to get closer to what is engraved on our cd's is more gratifying than some embellishment thus everything is well.

It is rather difficult to go more to details because at this level of performance, is needed more deepened listening to loosen possible small defects.

In conclusion the potential of the Eon Art system seems impressive to me towards the price, when we see the price lists of certain brands more historic than esoteric, we can speak here about an excellent value for money. The transparent approach and the will to push the products seems to me exemplary and gives envy to hear it more and to listen again to its record collection in the light of these realizations. Last detail which has its importance, this set seems completely generous in term of music type. I thus invite you to read me again and to count the occurrences of the word coherence.

Still thank you for these good moments.
That is a review!

- Jonathan Copiatti, 2008/06/23

« Here we are, promises are made to be kept, the excuse me for the delay, but the last 15 days were too much loaded for me.

First of all I am anxious to thank Stephane and Bernard for their reception and their competence. I repeat but we have there two passionate persons.

My first listening of their systems, serie Eon and series Quark, had leave only good impressions, I had rarely felt it for digital (class T) amp. It is thus confident of what I was going to hear that I went to this new invitation.

Sincerely, I may not add much to what I had said one month previously. However, a thing surprised me since the last time, and from the first seconds of listening: the MPC evidence audio cables.

They wear well their name, everything sound as an evidence. A treble and amedium more soft and silky, removing nothing in details, in presence. A bandwith of never faulted frequency. They are of a remarkable quality, from the best vintage. They have that the only one defaut, that I believe, several persons recovered during the listening: their consequent price. But surely the quality have a price and it is justified.

Another "small detail" struck me: the new Eon Art baby, the Quark Pre. That tell otherwise to resume a well known slogan " It has everything of a big". Transparency, wealth, sweetness and simplicity make of this new toy a small marvel. So much that I felt almost no difference with Pre 4. But of memory!!!! Then it shall deserve a direct comparative listening between both animals. I think that they will need for us then to sharpenr our favorite CD and our ears, so much the difference seems small, can be an better constructed and precise sterophonic image at the Pre 4 advantage...

The listening of the Venus Acoustic Caldeira Signature, "bookshelf loudspeaker", says his designer. Although in that case the notion of bookshelf is not really suited, as long by their real size, their capacity and their sound. They can overtake many columns. The sound signature is the same that their big sister the Cassiopee II. We shall note all the same a less rich, less meaning medium, on the other hand a excellent bass, even if he cannot compare with that of Cassiopee II. Hardly can one blame them for a less ample and less precise image, and I thinks of less presence on the voices... But there also the difference is thin. We can greet the quality of manufacturing and finish of their designer. This range of loudspeakers reaches summits of pleasures.

The last listened to loudspeakers, do not fight in same categories. The listening was difficult, it is necessary to admit that after having compared, listened to and to estimated the Venus sisters, the task was complex to come down in range. JLA Acoustic Perspective II Signature loudspeaker, more their feet Stand 80 (integrating the bass HP) and the ribbon tweeter ares all the same excellent loudspeakers. They have a sound signature well marked, because of their famous Fostex tweeter. The user will have to be attentive to their placement, because the bass speaker is situated in the foot and emit on the back. Once this taken precaution, this "extended bookshelf" sound marvelously, a treble which spins high, without projection, a good quality medium and a bass appreciably in retreat, but one foot exists with a more consequent bass speaker. The dynamics on this model is surprising, it is lively at every level, the image is wide, ample but miss a little of precision. I stay on a good impression, but in my humble opinion, it will be necessary to dedicate to them another listening session, where they will be the center and without direct comparison with loudspeakers of a widely superior range, to be able to encircle to best their charming personality.

This local meeting was very nice and the opportunity for some of knowledge and to share the music. A very pleasant moment, to renew without moderation.

The road of the excellence is scattered with traps, but it is certain that Eon Art is committed well to it, a company driven by the passion, by the quality and not by the marketing deserve our congratulations and our ears.

- Christophe, 2008/04/19

« I brought the Harman Signature 1.0 preamp for a comparative in front of the Eon Art preamps who showed himself very interesting and in favour of these last ones! The gains of image and transparency with regard to Harman are enough impresionnant. Within the very high-end set in demonstration, the Harman revealed a cotton bass which seemed to mask the medium-high band. It is curious, because once reinstated in my system I was able to find the usual qualities of this product: neutrality, no aggressiveness, beautiful opening of the soundstage, the micro-information is not masked, enjoyment of listening without tensing.

Be that as it may, such a comparative degree allowed to understand better the ditch which digs the electronics Eon Art with regard to the competition. The music goes without saying, and one ( Eon) is not any more very far from the " straight thread with gain"! As a result, I eye now towards a Quark ( Eon Art) amplifier, but it will not be in an immediate future. Seen my finances, I have to remain reasonable as long as I do not know about what the future will be made for incomes.

The listening of the Venus Acoustic Caldeira Signature was a revelation (still one!) after that of Caelum and Cassiopee II. This compact loudspeaker is inseparable of its stand (they form a whole, and do not get apart!) the stand contains the filtering, voluminous and impressive as for the quality of components and manufacturing. The finish is exemplary. The seen model (and heard) benefits from a lacquer "piano" brilliant black of the most beautiful effect (attention on finger marks!) anything to envy all which is made in the very high-end, whoever is the brand. The listening revealed an impressing bass sector (44 Hz in-3dB!). From this point of view, we could award them the famous slogan of Renault for its model Clio: "she has everything of a big!", but in 7800 Euro the pair, we cannot say: "not enough expensive my son!"

This phenomenal bass (for a compact) harms nevertheless not at all in the clarity of the medium-high sector. The voices get loose well and the high got height without any acidity nor one ounce of aggressiveness. The stereo image is deep and the punctual sources are perfectly focused (no no, it is not of the provocation!), also the dynamics is beautiful and completely unexpected on a compact model! Everything is in the filter!

When we pass in Cassiopee II (and by having paying out in the passage 4200 supplementary Euro), the bass register wins in depth and definition and the medium with its dedicated loudspeaker becomes of a transparency and a sweetness staggering. Any more tensing from the extreme treble to the extreme bass, everything passes and goes without saying. We could nickname Cassiopee II: "the serene mountain" so much the sound flow is natural. All the models of the brand aim at the very high-end and the prices feel the effects of it inevitably. A day would remain to listen to the quite last model column " Angel" more "democratic" in 3000 Euro the pair.

Thank you in any case for the warm welcome, the drinks and the very nice pizza made with love (as amps and loudspeakers listened to)! Goodbye

- Michel C., 2008/04/05

« I have to say that since my last visit things evolved well. The electronics became refined: amp and preamp. The made work is paying at the listens to side: you hear it. In a general way for ampl it is held, with the power reserve, homogeneous, dynamic but by preserving a quality of tones and expressiveness. And it is there that we see a meticulous work in the balance of the qualities.

For preamplificator, it is also obvious, and I would say that the small preamp will make of the shade for the big one so much it is made a success. Certainly the big preamp is better, but the difference is really small. Especially since the small preamp was not burned-in and with new tubes. To see in 100/200 hours. By the way did you tried the other tubes that the JJ Tesla?

For Acoustic Venus loudspeakers, bravo to Nicolas the designer who was present. Really very impressive. Price rates are high it's true, brought up but there is an incredible work of development and conception. Loudspeakers deliver a very "right", precise, soft sound and in sharpness. If the electronics is aggressive, the depiction will also be it. If the electronics is for the height, the depiction will be for the height. We recognize here brand of a successful loudspeaker. Many scale, present bass but not intrusive, loudspeakers in the service of the music, and not the opposite. An interiorized state of mind, rather than flashy. If the tests in magazines go all to the same direction, then my faith it is deserved.

- J. Fekete, 2008/04/05

« First of all one thank you to Stephane for the very warm reception (I stayed during 5:30 to him) during whom I was entitled to all the explanations of a great sir of the high fidelity. I was so able to discover a certain philosophy of the sharing of the music which is in my opinion the best which is.

The EONART electronics are certainly in phase to become a big name of the High End electronics. Indeed, I discovered product of a quality of manufacturing deserving of big brands of the audio top of the range which so much make me dream...

The listening was a delight as much as the passion of their manufacturers. These electronics marry as well the heat of the tubes as the precision and the power of the digital technology what gives reason the sound engineer to want.

For me we go towards a quite new approach of what we can find of better musically, and I languish to see the comments of the essays realized by specialist magazines. It is thus a big bravo to have realized these masterpieces of electronics.

In very soon for the next listening.

- Stéphane P., 2008/03/26

« Be in the listening.

How to translate the emotion felt during the listening at Mister Hautcoeur? Turnover in the rediscovery of music so listened to and that we believed to know in the slightest details and sound subtleties.

Surprise when, in the bend of a song the attack of an instrument enlightens as never the piece and sends back the listener to the main part: the music, such as it was written and interpreted.

Well-being to fee what wants to say "Sound Image". Touch of the finger the musicians, to perceive them physically close relations. Be in the middle of them.

A technique in the service of the sound. A seriousness and a control of the concepts served by a precision little equalled until today for me.

The music lover and the musician whom I am are under the shock, after more than thirty years of listening and practice, I can devote without moderation to my passion. Thank you.

- Y. Campagna, 2008/03/06

« I had to meet at a maker of numerics amps, a heretic, a convinced, a fundamentalist. I slowly polished up my weapons, a selection of disks traps, impossible which that pass!! In more I had to bring my loudspeakers and my source; to validate my amps has he says! Think of my anxiety, of a pair of Triangle Lyrr Xs with a digital amplificator, in case I prepare ear plugs, we never know I like my eardrums. Go, courage, on the way. We here is at Mr Hautcoeur, a sober inside, but a warm and friendly welcome. To them that inhales the music, shows the enormous piece of furniture of it which serves for storing CD, the WAF of Mrs is very very low.

We unload the materials, we settle down and we start the listening. But there, devastate, the equipment in presence in beautiful to be of competition, nothing takes place, worse it is a disaster. We consult each other, we talks, Mrs thinks rightly that we would not have of to place Lyrr between the other surrounding loudspeakers. Go one re - move "furniture". We listen again. And there marvel!!! I give you the first listened to system: - source: Icos Fado and DacTablet - preamp: Eon PRE 4 with tubes (in real dual mono) - amp: Eon 5032 (of its nickname: the monster) 2x40w (in real dual mono) - loudspeakers: Venus acoustic Cassiopee II (68 kg each on the balance) For the cabling there was that of the best, Mr Hautcoeur will give you the precision. Moreover, he does not resist to the pleasure to show me the inside of the beasts, and there consider I, even if you know it nothing in electronics, you understand right now that the assembly is clean and exceptional (yes yes, even High End brands can bend above, there are notes to be taken). For the list of listening I shall put it in the end of the post, it is very varied, going from the classic, in the polyphonic masses, in the opera, by way of the jazz, the blues, the rock, the hard rock and the pop... We did not make things half!

Thus 1st system, incredible, well held bass. Obvious on the blues, the jazz. Was missing no sting in the double bass. On the pop no concern that swings, it is alive. The classic, to my opinion it is not the key point of the system, a quality medium but without more, a treble aggressive often, especially for the highest notes, the old recordings of our favorite sopranos pass that very badly without expression, dead. Even a mezzo-soprano as Cecilia Bartoli it is found in the punishment. On the other hand Charlie Mingus was in feast, Lucky Peterson also. A point also amazing on this system the atmospheres and the siz of rooms, in spite of a restricted room of listening, they are luxurious. From the live studio to the abbey of Brittany, the church of Rome, the concert hall of Amsterdam, that of Bordeaux and the concert hall of Noirdes.... Everything passed, micro informations are terrible, but I admit this after noon there I travelled well. Conclusion, a great very rich system with a medium and treble not so silky as I would wish it but nevertheless very (too much) precise. And incredible bass, this ampl could even make move BW ...... (I make fun)

For the second system we replaced Venus Acoustic by Lyrr Xs of your servant. OK we cross of a pair in 10000 euro in a pair sold to the time 3000 euro. But I keep confidence in my "darlings". But do not laugh they keeped the road, the place they were was not favorable (indeed, we did not had the courage to move the 140kg of the pair of Venus Acoustic). On the classic, they shone, violins, triangle and brass instruments were magnificent, even the bass drum coming from the bottom of the room was full of precision and it in spite of a bass in evident recession. Placement or ampli, or the loudspeaker?? On the jazz and the blues, the life was there, the medium and the treble were for somethings. But always it damned bass in retreat. The Pop and the Hard rock no concern, one even listened to by the other one for the pleasure!!!

But even if I was reassured by the performance of my "darlings", I stayed on my hunger, this grave in retreat perturbed me, but I shall put it at the expense of the location of the loudspeaker in the room (for reason, the next day there thing will come true). For the third listening, we changed the source, we passed from the luxurious Icos Fado + DacTablet to a legendary old lady; Marantz 63 KI signature. The listening was pleasant but unbalanced enough. In fact the ampl and the preamp advanced all its defects. Thus we connected the Marantz on the DacTablet. Clearly there is a gap, but we had the proof that a well conceived product should not be ashamed in front of very high-end competitors . The Marantz with its respectable age went out, fewer details, certainly, less opening, there yes. But 10 years passed and a ratio from 1 to 6 (approximately). Conclusion Dac made its work of a beautiful way, and 63 KI signature marking its age is a correct drive. For the last listening, we resumed only Marantz, we replaced the Eon 5032 amp ( the monster) by the baby of the family, the Eon Quark 4012. The listening became again coherent, the elements of a similar level, us one delight. The music was alive, present and cheerful. We listened again even once again to the other disks, to a true happiness.

This small Quark is a success, in more with its possibilities of evolution (supplementary simple or double alim) it is a marvel. A detailed stage well, tangible atmospheres, true happiness ......

Which Sunday, emphatically I of to leave Mr Hautcoeur. My ears were delighted, my boiling brain. The first system is a marvel, but asks a room and a substantial budget. The last listening with a sharply lower budget, us in so got a lot of pleasure and especially to play the music. In conclusion, if you have a restricted budget throw you on the Quark it is a bomb which would make marvel bi amping and which more in possibilities of extraordinary evolutions. Then the "Monster" with its class T it will make you forget that is digital amplification..... An animal in ....... both have it common: grave held and tightened, hard-hitting one. Information is rich in detail and in micro information. And what atmospheres!

Finally one thank you to Mr Hautcoeur for his work, its taste of the music, its sense of the perfection. His reception. Come, listen to and you will be overcome...

PS: here is the list of listening: the gradual of Alienor of Brittany of Marcel Peres - The mass St Marcel in the church of Marcel Peres's Rome - Thais de Massenet by the national orchestra of Bordeaux - Symphony Number 4 of Mahler by Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra in Amsterdam - Cecilia Bartoli: the Vivaldi album - Cecilia Bartoli: Maria - Joan Sutherland: Bellini: O Rendetemi the speme which the voce vien, diletto - Lucky Peterson: eponymic album - Charles Mingus: Blues and Roots ( republication) - Keb' Mo: down Slow dance - Rita Mitsouko: Variety - Nora Jones: Come aways with me - Megadeth: Rude Awakening - Iron Maiden: the first album more some the others ..............

- Christophe, 2008/02/29

« Thanks to all, to the organizer and in very friendly reception of Hautcoeur ( Eon Art). For my part I had never listened to these devices (except the Icos cd player set)

On the first set (Pre 4, Quark Amp and JLA) I liked the transparency, the clarity of the reproduced music; all the listened to pieces - of any styles - Pleased me a lot. The only remark would be for the very high voices in the opera which I found a little bit aggressive. But, there is a material - especially the amp -with an exceptional cost / quality relationship. (To make even better at the cost level try with a smaller preamp)

The second set (Pre 4, 5032 class T amp, and Venus) gives a sound which I shall consider as more velvety, more ample with a spectre more opened downward. What my personally the most surprised it is the performances of the preamp / amp set that are at the level of devices 2 - 3 times as expensively (devices that I listened to a lot). Case to be followed.

- Jean-Francois, 2008/02/19

« In any case one thank you all to have answered presents for this passionate persons' meeting and hautcoeur to have welcomed us for this audiophile listening memorable, in particular by quality of the implemented elements and by the played musical extracts. The restaurant was very nice also with a reception of the simple and courteous boss (we were late at 8:00 pm in the restaurant and I hope that those who had not come to the listening to hautcoeur did not ask of question because we did not see them in the restaurant).

For review here are the impressions which stayed in me: the electronics Eon Art stays of a very high qualitative level whether it is the preamp PRE 4, the power amp Quark or still the 5032 was connected on Cassiopee II. The Icos Fado source + Dactablette is above suspicion. For loudspeakers, it was between the "small" JLA Acoustique Signature Evo" + Stand 80 with the JLA ribbon tweeter and "big" Venus Acoustic Cassiopee II. First impression during comparing (the same played piece succesivement on every model of loudspeaker), the JLA is more "brilliant" and Cassiopee more "soft". Personally I would filter the medium of the JLA and I would open that of Cassiopee, but all this remain a tasteful affair... The holding of bass and extreme bass have being to the advantage of Cassiopee, the stereo image wins in scale and in depth on these last ones but requires to be centred well between the 2 loudspeakers to appreciate it completely (in other words Cassiopee II is rather directive). Personally I much more appreciated Cassiopee II than JLA that I always found a little bit tiring in the long run with a medium-high range too much opened and raw. We take ourselves the sound recording "brute of foundry" in the ears that we want it or not. We like or we do not like but the fact is that the neutrality of tones is very there however. I shall make of them monitoring loudspeakers appropriate to reveal all the imperfections of the recordings. Finally, it is my feeling...

Then, and Cassiopee II? Magnificent realization of top of the range (just like the price) but which curiously less impressed me than Caelum of the same manufacturer listened to in the same conditions in last December. Maybe the effect of surprise "Venus Acoustic" was already crossed by my ears? Be that as it may it would be necessary to be able to compare 2 models to be made an opinion. Maybe that Caelum is also better adapted loudspeaker to the listening room (question of dimensions). The listening is of a big cleanliness, everything is net and precise but without any aggressiveness. The music goes without saying but the dynamics is very there without any holding answering the slightest request on percussions for example. The quality of neutrality reveals all the tessitura of instruments. The very studied membranes emphasize the slightest inflections in the play) of the musicians or on the voices of the singers. Everything is there, nothing misses in the extreme pleasure of the warned audio-music lover, set apart (as I said it higher) a less sharp listener position to benefit from an impeccable stereophonic image. And once again I would balance the very low very ample and downward bass extreme by one a slightly more opened, a little less matt medium.

Well, the next time, it is going to need to make a little more Home Cinema to answer to all the tastes, the kind video projection and sound barrier!

- Michel C., 2008/02/17

« Hello to all. Comparative listening was made with the equipment of exception and very high levels. I had brought with me a whole series of disks with which I was able to realize the quality of the products. Whether it is at the level of loudspeakers as cassiopee II; of the amplifier with tubes preamplifier and digital amplifier or the source.

Only small criticism as for me, it is the lack of power to feed Cassiopee. Only 2 x 40 w. It is true that I am used at home with 2 x 400 w. But it should be fast corrected with the models of 300 w that Hautecoeur is concocting us. But the listening is of a great sharpness is very well balanced with a curve of very wide bandwith which starts very low in the spectre. Thank you still for this day which it is ended around a table of a culinary level just as much successful.

- J.M. CH, 2008/02/17

« I find that Cassiopee 2 is a marvel, very bewitching, presents and they come down very very low accompanied by a very good dynamics normal however for 2 big mammoths they are, in that case no sub box it is of use to nothing.

The JLA (pII + stand80 + ribbon) are very good loudspeakers of a very good quality by the treble, but a lack of bass. And to note, seen that we can switch around the sub speakers (all 3 parts by loudspeaker) it is better to put more sturdy for the bass. They are all the same pair of remarkable and terrifying loudspeakers.

Then the ampli of 2x40 w (eon 5032) is a marvel it is 29 kg of material on the balance. It inhales strongly the precision, the quality and by that very good behaviour in listening.

I thank Hautcoeur for having welcomed us in humble home and to Hobby One to have gathered us for this day.. In when the next?

- Morgan, 2008/02/17

« And here is the beautiful session of HI-FI listening that ends for me but one day which goes on at the moment even in a good restaurant! For lack of time my report will be brief: at first the look: the case is clean and sober taken in sandwich between 2 layers of labradorite this stone in the numerous virtues (bah yes, countered what is more it absorb the negative energies, the troubles and the punishments of others". This property in fact a good accessory for all the diseases " dixit Google) The conception and the distribution of components are just like the case: simple and strong. Finally they end in the main part: the purity of the sound.

The strength of these electronics, it is the philosophy of their designers: a choice of components without compromise, an integration of an irreproachable quality, the whole realized in a budget mastered to allow most large number to reach Graal.

It is beautiful and it is good, there is not more than to communicate and to let it know!

A particular distinction for Venus Cassiopee, perfectly mastered by the EON 5032, and source of an immense emotion.

How do not to end this Review without thanking still our hosts for their warm welcome and for the quality of the lunch which had an equal only the quality of manufacturing of these amps.

- S. Defour, 2008/02/16

« I could naturally praise Eon Art amps about their unmistakable qualities (aeration, precision, dynamics, correctness of tones etc.) or of their exemplary construction... But the most mattering in my opinion is the musical emotion which they make feel. It is enough to close eyes so that the sound stage takes life in front of you, only some metres separate you then from singers and musicians.

I indeed reminds me my first listening in Stephane's lounge.. Amps was still in development and the preampi was while modest one Atoll PR200. Nevertheless I had literally been Scotch-taped in the sofa, and the a few hours which I had spent there had seemed to me to be that minutes

- Sylvain, 2008/02/12

« "When the electronics is forgot..." At first, the surprising sobriety of devices, matched by a point of elegance: association of the metal and the stone, purified, without flourish, amplis show an impression of strength, stability, solidity.

Then, and especially: THE SOUND! Whether it is the "small" (way of speaking) series Quark, or the impressive 5032, in all the stage of the quality one always find the effect seizing with the presence and with the musical emotion! Tones are just, the dynamics is excellent, there is only an image which can vary in quality according to the range. But we do not make a mistake there: a violin is a violin, and not a sort of aggressive and pointed sound which looks like a violin... But my biggest pleasure is to hear the attack of the bow on strings, "until see" the musician!

Indeed on, the more we rise in the range and the more these qualities are revealed, refined, but the spirit is the same and I promises you that from the entry of range we are simply fooled and delighted! Yes, between the sobriety of the design and the qualities of amps, the electronics is forgot at these Stephane's, for the benefit of the musical presence. In a room of listening (the lounge) which has nevertheless more defects than qualities, we feel a true pleasure to listen to, then we imagine the result in a room offering a better acoustics!

Bravo Sirs of EON ART, to like so much the music, and know how to restore it to us with a so high loyalty! And all this for unbeatable price! But they are crazy! In any case, one thank you; my Quark and JLA system really pleases me.

- B. Herda, 2008/02/09

« A moving journey which transports us in a universe where instruments and voices are of a surprising transparency. A musical discovery.

- L. Turmel, 2008/02/02

« Send us your comments by e-mail so that we inserted them into this page

- La direction, 2007/10/14

We establish a new partnership with Oracle Audio Technologies who just won the new Analog Grand Prix 2016 of Japan! They lead their domain since more than 35 years!

They define themselves as passionate artists designing unique sculptures that reproduce music. They are striving to have their products play simply all the music, the real and true music, the one that makes you vibrate and shiver! It is with this highly inspiring and motivating force in mind that they design their products.

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The main advantage is without against doubt the possibility of increasing, according to our needs, our surface occupied. It is thus a strategic decision.

EON ART HAUTE FIDÉLITÉ has received new investments to accelerate the industrialization of its products and expand further in international markets. The team is going to grow in the next few months. Stay tuned!

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